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  • Snow Anchor LinkSnow Plow Map 

    This new snow map allows residents to see where city plows have been during a snowfall.   



    Notice: During an active snow event, plowing activity will be visible on this map.

    How to Use Snow Plow Map
    • Zoom in with + symbol or zoom out with - symbol to view street names
    • Green lines indicate that a street has been plowed by a city plow truck this snow fall
    • Grey lines indicate that a street has not yet been plowed
    • Use the top right panel to mark or unmark which streets have been plowed in the last hour 
    • Snowplow map is updated every 15 minutes, so there will be a slight delay in seeing if a street has been plowed. 
    • Car icons on the map indicate that vehicles on the street are preventing a plow from getting through. 
    • This information is updated several times per day.
     Snow Plow Map