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    All park rules and regulations must be adhered to.

    PERMITS:   A permit will give you exclusive rights to an area within the city park of your choice. 

    PERMIT FEE:   The permit fee is $30.00 per four-hour block, with the check or money order made out to the Commissioner of Finance.  If your event requires staff, there may be an additional cost.  There will be a $20.00 service charge for returned checks .   Payment must be made two weeks after you make the reservation.

    Separate permits will be required for each location you choose, and there will be an additional $30.00 per four hours permit fee for each additional location.  For example, if you wish to use the Lily Pond and the Rose Garden at Thornden Park, two separate permits are required, and there would be two permit fees of $30.00 each.

    RESERVED SIGNS:   A reserved sign will be posted at all locations permitted out that day. On the reserved signs, there is a phone number listed on the bottom of the sheet for you to call in the event of a problem or emergency.    If you have problems with your site, please call that number.  If your concern cannot be addressed that day, you might be entitled to a refund. 

    TENTS:   If your tent is going to be more than 10x12 feet, than you will need get a tent permit.  You can download the  Tent Permit application, write a separate check for $10 to cover the cost of the permit application, made payable to the Commissioner of Finance and send it along with your park permit application to our office.  We will forward the Tent Application and the payment to the Fire Prevention Bureau.   To download the Tent Permit Application, go to , click on Departments, click on Fire, click on Permit Applications, and then the Tent Permit link.

    All tents need to be stamped as being flame retardant and should be weighted, not staked.   

    TABLES/CHAIRS/DECORATIONS :   You are welcome to bring in additional chairs, tables or decorations for your event, but please note that you are responsible for obtaining the items and removing them from your site immediately following your event.  This is especially important for weddings at Thornden Park, since the Rose Garden and Lily Pond might have as many as three or four weddings there on one day.

    ELECTRICAL HOOK-UP FEE:   There is a $20.00 electrical hook up fee, where outlets are available.    Please note there is no power source available at any picnic shelters. There is power only at the Thornden Park Lily Pond, the Thornden Park Amphitheatre and Franklin Square.

    PARKING/SERVICE ROADS:  Parking is restricted to the perimeter roads in the parks.  Service roads remain closed due to safety concerns. 

    PICNIC TABLES:    Some of the picnic shelters have tables; some do not.  We do not have the inventory to supply additional tables.  Please feel free to bring in additional tables and chairs if necessary.


    CHARCOAL:   There are no grills in city parks.  Those individuals wishing to bring in grills may use them in designated picnic areas only.  If using propane grills, please contact the Department's Special Events Division at (315) 473-4330, ext. 3006. 

    MAKING CHANGES:   If you wish to make any changes to your permit, a request must be made in writing at least 2 weeks in advance.                                                                                                                               

    MUSIC:  No large speakers or amplified music is allowed in Onondaga Park.   A small, battery-operated radio is allowed.

    GLASS BOTTLES:  Please refrain from bringing in glass bottles


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