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  • The Division of Dog Control is located at the Department's main office at 412 Spencer St., and the telephone number is (315) 473-6608. Please read our information about our hours, reclaiming your seized dog, important telephone numbers, dog license information, dog owner's responsibilities and response to animal bites. Dead animal calls are referred to D.P.W. Dog Control will respond to calls pertaining to leash law violations, barking dogs, dogs attacking persons or animals and sick and/or injured dogs. Looking to adopt a dog, please check out Petfinder.   This is the Docupet link

    Our office hours are as follows:
    Monday - Friday - 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. - If a dangerous dog issue arises, please call 9-1-1.

    Reclaiming Your Dog
    Owners must report to the Syracuse Dog Control Offices located at 412 Spencer Street - 
    (315) 473-6608.
    1. Owners will need to bring a current dog license.
    2. Owners will need to bring photo identification.
    3. Owners will need to pay all seizure fees at the time of the release.

    Syracuse Dog Control - (315) 473-6608
    D.P.W. - (315) 448-8580
    Animal Disease Control - (315) 435-3165
    Humane Society - (315) 457-8762
    Cruelty Investigators - (315) 454-3469
    Syracuse Police Department Animal Cruelty Investigations - (315) 442-5336
    Nuisance Wildlife (for a list of trappers) - (315) 426-7400

    Barks and Rec (315-214-8122

    A current license is required for the release of every dog captured by the Syracuse Dog Control. Captured dogs are taken to Barks and Rec and held until they are released. For a Dog Control emergency after office hours, call the Syracuse Police at 911.

    Dog Licenses  - 448-8216
    Unneutered / Unspayed Dogs - $20.00
    Spayed / Neutered Dogs - $10.00
    Replacement Tag fee - $5.00

    All dogs 4 months of age and older are required to be licensed by New York State and Syracuse City Ordinance. The city of Syracuse has recently partnered with Docupet  to offer an enhanced dog licensing experince that is designed to be quick and easy.  Click Here! to license now. Applications can be made at the Office of the City Clerk in 231 City hall, 233 E. Washington Street, 13202 or call 315-448-8216. New York State requires proof of the current rabies vaccination. (will need to be uploaded in Docupet).  If the dog is spayed or neutered, documentation must be presented for the reduced fee. (fee will need to be uploaded in Docupet).

    The license is renewable each year.  The renewal form is sent directly to the owner from the City Clerk's Office and the form -with the fee- is then sent back to the Office of the City Clerk. The Dog Identification Tag, issued with the original license, is permanent.  If the tag is lost, a replacement can be ordered through the Office of the City Clerk and takes 6 to 8 weeks.

    Dog Owner's Responsibilities
    Dogs more than four months old must be licensed to an adult owner at least 18 years of age. Licenses are available at the office of the city clerk, in 213 City Hall, 233 E Washington Street, 13202. 315-448-8216. The city of syracuse has recently partnered with Docupet to offer an enhanced dog licensing experience that is designed to be quick and easy. click Here!  to license now.

    • All dogs must have up-to-date rabies shots and other required immunizations.
    • The City Clerk's Office requires a rabies shot certificate before issuing a license.
    • All dogs must be leashed or confined to the owner's property; leashes must not be more than six feet long.
    • Female dogs in heat must be confined; the owner may exercise the dog on a leash. The leash cannot be longer than six feet.
    • Dogs must not damage or deposit waste on the property of others.
    • Barking dogs should be controlled. After receiving a report of a barking dog, a Dog Control Officer will warn the dog owner. If the barking persists, the person reporting the problem will be asked to fill out a deposition form, enabling the Dog Control Officer to serve the owner with an appearance ticket. The Dog Control Officer can issue the owner an appearance ticket, requiring him or her to appear at the Public Safety Building. The owners may be fined for these violations.

    Safety Tips

    1. Have all pets vaccinated against rabies.
    2. Avoid animals that are acting in an unusual manner.
    3. Teach children to stay away from wild animals, stray cats and stray dogs.
    4. Wash all wounds with hot water and soap.
    5. Observe suspect animals from a distance.
    6. Try to contain an animal that bites you, if you can do so without endangering yourself or others.
    7. Call Animal Disease Control if you come in contact with the saliva of a suspect rabid animal.


    1. Touch any dead animal with your bare hands (if you must, wear rubber gloves).
    2. Touch a household pet with bare hands after it has fought with a wild animal. 
      (Do wear rubber gloves to examine your pet. Afterwards, wash hands with soap and water)
    3. Try to separate fighting animals with your hands, use a stick or pole.
    4. Touch any wild animals.

    Rabies is a fatal viral infection that affects the central nervous system. All mammals, including humans, can get rabies. The disease is spread by infected animals, usually through bites, but scratches and saliva contact with broken skin or mucous membranes are also possible routes of infection.

    If you see a suspect rabid animal that is not an immediate threat, or if you have any other question regarding rabies, rabies vaccine, exposure treatment or animal removal, call Animal Disease Control, 435-3165.

    RESPONSE TO ANIMAL BITES -- Call 911 in any of the following situations:  

    • An animal bites or scratches a human.
    • An animal poses an immediate threat to human safety. A suspect rabid animal is an immediate threat to your safety if it has bitten or scratched you, it is fighting with a household pet or it has entered your home or is preventing you from entering or leaving your home.
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