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  • Woodland Reservoir UV Project
    2012 Construction Updates

    July 20, 2012
    The Water Department kicked off construction of improvements on July 20, 2012 with a Pre-Construction Conference.
    The Water Department began draining the Woodland Reservoir on July 19, 2012.
    Contractors are expected to close the northern end of Hancock Drive and begin moving trailers to the Woodland site within the next month.
    August 9, 2012
    The Water Department continues to drain the reservoir. The Department is planning maintenance and cleaning activities.
    General contractor has mobilized construction trailers and storage sheds to the north end of the site.
    Hancock Drive remains open but will be closed by the General contractor in the next two weeks. Please plan on alternate routes. Please be alert to workmen on Hancock prior to the closure.
    The north lawn at Stolp at Geddes remains open, but will be fenced off within the next two weeks. After this time, parking and access to the walking path will be restricted to the South Parking Lot.
    August 30, 2012
    The contractor has a road closure permit from the City Department of Public Works. Hancock Drive will be closed early next week. Path-walkers will need to enter the walking path from the Geddes Street parking lot. For everyone's safety, please stay out of the construction areas.
    Contractor will be completing temporary fence work around the walking path at the north end. This fence will be removed on completion of construction.
    Contractor will begin initial site work in the next week in preparation of the excavation support system.
    September 4, 2012
    Woodland Reservoir Woodland Reservoir
    September 11, 2012
    Hancock Drive is now closed.
    Residents accessing the walking path must do so from the Geddes Street parking lot.
    The General Contractor has demolished the lowest flight of stairs and cut a bench on the north end of the reservoir. This bench will be the working platform for the piling subcontractor.
    City crews cut down trees. Contractor cutting trees at the north end and coordinating with National Grid to remove light poles within the work area.
    Reservoir cleaning continues.
    Syracuse-20120911-00077 Syracuse-20120911-00079
    October 2, 2012
    The City has hired an engineering company, Arcadis, to prepare an engineering assessment of the Woodland Reservoir. This assessment is being competed to evaluate the condition of the Woodland Dam in order to ensure that it is safe for continued use. We are very pleased to say that the preliminary comments are such that the reservoir is in great shape and well suited for may additional years of service.
    As part of the Scope of Work being completed by Arcadis, 16 piezometers are being installed around the reservoir. Arcadis has subcontracted with drilling company Parrott Wolff who is installing piezometers. These piezometers are a form of groundwater monitoring well that are used for monitoring the presence/absence of water in the well casing. The NYSDEC is requiring that we install and monitor these piezometers as a condition to giving the City permission to re-fill Woodland Reservoir. In theory, if the reservoir was to leak during filling, the piezometers would give an early warning that a potential problem exists. The piezometer installation was started October 2nd, and will continue during the next week. Installation of some of the piezometers may require that a portion of the walking track is temporarily interrupted. This will last for approximately one week.
    October 10, 2012 Syracuse-20121010-00144
    Significant earth work is under way in preparation for construction of the secant (retaining) wall that will support the reservoir during deep excavations. The piling contractor is pouring a guide wall for the secant wall installation (see photo). Drilling should begin next Wednesday, October 17. 
    The Water Department is cleaning the bottom and repairing damaged sections of the reservoir lining.
    Preparation for isolation valve install in the east and west mains at the corner of Stolp Ave. and Duane St. to facilitate construction.
    October 19, 2012 Syracuse-20121010-00144
    Big news this week. Drilling of the secant wall has begun. Schnabel Foundation Company of Chicago, Illinois is constructing the structure that will support the reservoir during upcoming deep excavations later this fall. The foot path at the Stolp Ave. upper gate house provides a convenient vantage point for this work. Schnabel is making very good progress due to favorable soil conditions.
    Repair to the Woodland Reservoir liner is wrapping up. Reservoir cleaning is on-going.
    C.O. Falter of Syracuse will be trenching through the lawn toward Geddes St. lower gate house and performing some work in a utility vault off Geddes St. This work will be outside the construction fence. C.O. Falter will be securing these areas at the end of each day, but the public is advised to be aware of this activity and use caution.
    November 1, 2012 Syracuse-20121025-00157
    C.O. Falter successfully completed the first of four critical connections of new valves to existing mains from the Woodland Reservoir. When complete, these connections will allow the bulk of the construction to proceed independently of water system’s operation.

    C.O. Falter preparing for next critical piping connection scheduled for early next week.

    Schnabel is making good progress on installation of the lag piles and beam piles.
    The Water Department and J.J. Lane of Liverpool have completed repairs to the gunite lining on the interior walls of the reservoir. Cleaning the mud from the reservoir bottom is still underway.
    Syracuse-20121002-00095 IMG-20121025-00159
    November 16, 2012
    Schnabel Foundation Company is approximately 30% complete on construction of the secant wall at the north end of the site. Tie-back installation will begin in about a month.
    C.O. Falter is preparing for next major shutdown and connection of new piping to feed the existing west transmission main to the City. This work is necessary to isolate the Lower Gate House on Stolp Avenue for the rest of the water system so the building may be demolished. Conduit 2 remains in service to University Hill and the Strathmore neighborhood.
    The Water Department is working diligently with area residents and coordinating water distribution with this work.
    J.J. Lane is assisting the Water Department in removing mud from the bottom of the reservoir. Work in the north end of the reservoir is complete. Mud removal is confined to south end.
    Water Department will fill the reservoir to a depth of about 5 feet after January 1, 2013 during the winter to protect the liner from frost damage. The reservoir will remain out of service until the end of January.
    Syracuse-20121115-00180 Syracuse-20121115-00179
    New Conduit 1 looking west, prepped for
    connection to existing Conduit 1.
    New Conduit 1 looking east, with temporary interconnection to the West Feeder.
    This pipe supplies water to downtown Syracuse
    and parts of the Valley.
    December 20, 2012
    Lots of progress in the last few weeks. Schnabel has rounded the corner and is continuing drilling the secant pile wall to the south. Drilling is approximately 60% done.
    C.O. Falter has completed 3 of 4 connections to bypass Conduit 1 around the Stolp Ave Lower Gate House. Final connection will be complete by the end of this week.
    C.O. Falter is performing work outside the construction fence in the Conduit 1 check valve vault on Geddes Street. Residents are alerted to this work and to use caution in this area.
    C.O. Falter has begun cutting down the site at Stolp Avenue to the first row of tie-backs. One can begin to see the characteristic scalloped shape of the secant pile wall starting to emerge. Schnabel will be mobilizing its tie-back drilling machine just after the holidays to begin drilling tie-backs at the north end.
    conduit1-WBP secantwall_cut
    Conduit 1 valving and connections ready for installation.  Small improvements such as this provide the Water Dept improved
    operational flexibility.
    First 4-foot cut exposing the secant pile wall.
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