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  • Woodland Reservoir
    Ultraviolet Light Treatment Facility Project
    Woodland Reservoir 03-02-13 003
    Construction site, March 2013  
    The Woodland Reservoir Ultraviolet Light Treatment Facility Project is a two-year project mandated by the federal government that began in July 2012. The project involves the demolition of three buildings and the construction of two new buildings that will house ultraviolet light treatment equipment. The City must complete this project to maintain its filtration avoidance waiver for the Skaneateles Lake Water supply. This waiver exempts the City from building water filtration facilities as long as the City follows specific watershed rules and regulations and institutes successful water quality protection programs. The architecture of the new facilities has been designed to retain the character of the site. Construction is expected to be completed by autumn of 2014.
    Geddes Street and Stolp Avenue are expected to remain open to traffic for the duration of construction. The area around the reservoir is expected to remain open to the public; however, some points of access (specifically the stairs on the Stolp Avenue side of the reservoir) may be limited or closed during construction. The project also requires the City to drain, clean and refill the reservoir, which will take several months.
    Crews will be working 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. on weekdays, and from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Saturdays only as needed. Water service in the area should remain normal throughout construction.
    Woodland Reservoir

    Construction Updates –
  •  June 12, 2014
    Hancock Drive is now open.
    Hand rail on the new Stolp Ave stairs is installed. Residents may begin using these stairs to access the walking path around the reservoir. Please be mindful of contractor activity around the north side of the new UV building during working hours (7 AM – 3 PM).
    Fencing contractor is removing temporary construction fence and silt fence.
    General contractor will be mowing the tall grass and removing remaining debris and equipment to clean up and demobilize from the site.
    May 30, 2014
    Construction trailers being removed from Hancock Drive.
    The General and Electrical contractors will be finishing up site work over the next two weeks.
    The General contractor will be installing a hand rail on the new Stolp Ave. stairs up to the Reservoir.
    Once the hand rail is installed, construction fence will be coming down. Hancock Drive and the site will then be re-opened.
    May 9, 2014
    Equipment start-up and commissioning began the week of March 24.
    C.O. Falter completed the utility work on Geddes Street and water flowing from Skaneateles into the has been restored as it was prior to starting the construction.
    UV equipment was commissioned and placed into steady service on April 25.
    Booster pumps were commissioned on April 30.
    C.O. Falter continues to hydroseed and restore the site.
    Hand rail on exterior stairs will be installed within the next few weeks.
    Contractor’s and Engineer’s trailer are being removed and Hancock Drive reopened in the next few weeks.
    Construction fencing and silt fence will be removed and the site reopened to the public once grass is established on the slopes.
     200-hp booster pumps that draw UV-disinfected water from the reservoir and pump to the
    high service zone at the Woodland Standpipe located above the Woodland Reservoir
    and the Morningside Reservoir above Manley Field House.
    February 21, 2014
    Contractors have made good progress completing work through the winter. Construction is wrapping up quickly.
    Plumbing and electrical work nearing completion.
    The Water Department is planning to restore flow through the reservoir for initial check-out of the improvements the first week of March.
    Equipment start-up and check-out is scheduled to begin mid-March and should conclude by May.
    C.O. Falter will be completing utility work on Geddes Street the week of March 10, 2014 with replacement of a check valve on Conduit 1. Excavated areas will be restored.
    Construction fence will be coming down in time for spring.
    Hancock Drive will be re-opening within the next few months as contractors begin to demobilize.
    One of the four UV disinfection reactors in the building. Wiring terminations complete.
    November 30, 2013
    The Woodland UV Facility is now weatherproof and exterior work is largely complete.
    Interior piping work, electrical, and plumbing are able to continue unimpeded by the weather.

    Joy Process/Mechanical completed the sewer lateral connection to the sanitary sewer in Stolp Ave and water service connection to the building. The road cuts have been repaired and steel plates have been removed.
    National Grid will be making a connection in the street for gas service and electric service from a pole on Stolp Ave.
    UV disinfection equipment installed and metal work platforms being constructed.
    IMG-20131125-00473 IMG-20131108-00463
    New 200-hp high service pumps to replace aging equipment located on Geddes Street. Completed building exteriors.
    October 11, 2013
    Masonry work on the new building is complete. Door and window installation underway.
    Single-ply membrane should be complete in the next two weeks.

    Joy Process Mechanical and National Grid will be excavating in Stolp Ave. in the next few weeks to make taps for water service and gas service to the building.
    C.O. Falter is finishing up small diameter piping between buildings, grading, seeding and mulching.
    C.O. Falter will be completing work and closing up the excavation near the Geddes St. Gate House in the next few weeks.
    Interior piping, electrical, and plumbing work inside the buildings continues, now largely unaffected by weather.
    IMG-20131011-00435 Syracuse-20131011-00437
    Large diameter piping inside the building
    complete and painted.
    East exterior finish of the building, just waiting
    to finish roofing and cornice installation.
    September 20, 2013
    Masonry and roofing work on the Woodland UV facility should be wrapping up in the next few weeks. Doors and windows will follow thereafter.
    •  The building should be "dried in" by late fall.
    C.O. Falter continues to backfill, finish grade, and stabilize the east and north sides of the site.
    Interior pipe-fitting, electrical work, and plumbing underway.
    Stockpile at Stolp and Geddes has disappeared. Ground is graded, seeded and mulched.
    IMG-20130909-00399 IMG-20130909-00400
    The new Conduit 2. This pipe will convey
    water through the UV treatment and
    on to University Hill.  
    Water from the reservoir will now
    flow through these two UV units
    prior to distribution within the City.
     August 23, 2013
    Buried utility work is complete.
    The new UV Facility structural masonry is complete and the building is under roof. Schneid Construction of Syracuse will begin masonry veneer in the next week. Exterior masonry will be consistent with other buildings at the reservoir.
    84” PCCP backfill is completed to rough grade. The soil stockpile at the corner of Stolp and Geddes continues to quickly disappear.
    C.O. Falter will have the UV Facility “dried in” by this fall to continue interior pipefitting, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work through the winter.
    Syracuse-20130816-00384 Syracuse-20130820-00386
    Structural masonry on the UV Facility complete. Looking southeast from the UV Facility roof.
    84" PCCP is backfilled.
     July 19, 2013
    Masonry work is well underway at the Woodland UV facility.
    C.O. Falter has completed the buried utilities on the west side of the UV Facility. Work on the east side utilities and piping connections to the 84" PCCP is underway.
    C.O. Falter rigged the UV disinfection equipment and set it in the basement of the new facility.
    Backfill of the 84" PCCP continues.
    Interior pipe-fitting, plumbing, and electrical work is underway.
    Syracuse-20130716-00346 Syracuse-20130716-00347
    UV reactor staged in the basement of the
    new UV Disinfection Facility.
    Rigging a reactor into the basement.
    June 28, 2013 Syracuse-20130625-00316
    84" PCCP installation complete with approximately
    5 feet of cover over the pipe. C.O. Falter will
    continue the backfill, restoring the original grade.
    The general contractor is in backfill mode. Subsurface foundation and utility work is quickly wrapping up. Backfill is actively underway.
    C.O. Falter has completed installation of the 84” PCCP and has begun backfilling the pipe, rebuilding the reservoir embankment.
    C.O. Falter has completed placement of concrete walls for the new UV Disinfection Facility. Final top slab placement is scheduled for today. Masonry superstructure will begin to take shape in the next two weeks.
    Buried utilities on the west side of the building will be complete this week. East side of the building utilities will be complete in the next few weeks. Once complete these areas can be backfilled.
     May 24, 2013
    C.O. Falter is about 60% complete installing 84” PCCP. This pipe stored along Geddes Street is quickly disappearing and being incorporated into the work.
    Backfill around these pipes will occur through the summer, reducing the size of the stockpile on Geddes and Stolp Avenue.
    C.O. Falter is busy sequencing concrete wall and slab placement, concrete finishing in the metering vault and yard piping connections. Top slab, masonry, and backfilling structure scheduled to begin later this summer.
    Geddes-20130507-00264 Syracuse-20130521-00274
    Concrete slap placement at the UV facility. Constructing the 84" pre-stressed
    concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP) turning back
    toward the UV facility.
    April 26, 2013
    C.O. Falter has completed the top slab and beams of the Metering Vault.
    C.O. Falter has completed excavation for new UV Building foundation and has completed placing the first of three sections of concrete slab. Syracuse-20130426-00174
    The Water Dept. is well on its way to filling the reservoir and placing it back into service. As of Friday morning, the reservoir level was at the level of the first bench.
    The Water Dept. is directing water from Skaneateles Lake into the Reservoir through the North Gate House on Stolp Ave. instead of the South Gate House on Geddes St. This reversed flow direction allows the Water Dept. to bypass the construction and still retain use of the reservoir’s capacity. Water is flowing into the reservoir through newly installed bypass piping and the new Metering Vault.
    C.O. Falter will begin installing the 84” pre-stressed concrete pipe (PCCP) that has been staged along Geddes St. in the coming weeks.
    C.O. Falter is preparing for two more large slab pours to complete the UV Facility foundation slab and will begin work on the walls. North Gate House filling the reservoir. This is the
    first time in the reservoir’s history that water has
    flowed *out* of the North Gate House.
    Syracuse-20130426-00176 Syracuse-20130426-00175
    First slab pour for the UV Facility completed.
    C.O. Falter is placing steel for the next of three slab
    pours. Patricia Electric is placing conduit and
    Joy Process/Mechanical is setting floor drains
    and drain piping.
    Water flowing out of the intake structure.
    The Water Dept. is reversing flow through the
    reservoir during this phase of construction
    to bypass the construction site.
    April 11, 2013
    C.O. Falter has completed bypass piping connections, slab, and walls for the new Metering Vault.
    The Woodland Reservoir liner has received a clean bill of health from the dam engineer and the NYSDEC. The Water Department has received permission to pill from the DEC and has begun the process of re-filling the reservoir. The reservoir will be filled in five-foot increments over the next several weeks.
    C.O. Falter has demolished the Stolp Ave. Lower Gate House and begun excavating and forming the base slab for the new UV Disinfection Facility.
    Syracuse-20130409-00164 Syracuse-20130409-00165
    A clear view down Duane Street for the first time
    in over 100 years.
    Shoring the top slab and beams for the Metering
    Vault. Downtown in the distance.
    March 27, 2013
    The first two pieces of UV disinfection equipment were delivered to the job site this past week – ahead of schedule.
    C.O. Falter is completing concrete placement for the metering vault and making necessary piping connections in preparation for refilling the reservoir.
    Water Dept. is tentatively planning to begin refilling the reservoir beginning April 8, pending final engineering inspection and final approval from the DEC.
    IMG-20130320-00161 00162
    Unloading UV equipment. Connecting new to old; routing the 100-year-old
    west main to the new Meter Vault.
    March 14, 2013
    Tieback drilling complete. Schnabel is demobilizing equipment. Syracuse-20130314-00152
    Forms stripped from the new Metering Vault.
    To keep this new work in the same character as
    the original architecture, the Engineer specified
    “form liners” to give a finish to the exposed
    concrete consistent with the other
    masonry construction at the Reservoir.
    C.O. Falter completed slab and first wall corner placement of the new Metering Vault.
    Wall steel and concrete placement for the remainder of this structure is on-going.
    C.O. Falter has mobilized a 300-ton crane and will be assembling with a 90-foot boom over the next several weeks. This crane will be used to rig the UV disinfection equipment and the 84” pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe currently staged along Geddes St.
    The Water Dept is in the final planning stages of refilling the reservoir. A final engineering inspection of the reservoir liner and final inspection by the DEC are currently being scheduled, while C.O. Falter advances its work to have the necessary structures, piping, and valving in place to put the reservoir back into service.
    March 7, 2013
    Tieback drilling nearly complete. Schnabel scheduled to be substantially demobilized by the end of the month. Syracuse-20130305-00137
    West House superstructure demolished.
    C.O. Falter is down to foundation grade at the Metering Vault and has placed the first section of foundation slab.
    Joy Process/Mechanical of East Syracuse is setting plumbing drains.
    Patricia Electric of Syracuse embedding conduit in the base slab.
    C.O. Falter tying re-steel for Metering Vault and prepping site for buried piping work along Geddes St.
    C.O. Falter will making wall pours for this structure over the next several weeks and begin backfill operations.
    C.O. Falter will complete demolition of North Lower Gate House on Stolp Ave and begin excavation for UV Facility foundation.
    C.O. Falter is managing soil stockpiles on-site.
    Water Dept is scheduling a final reservoir liner inspection in preparation of refilling the reservoir this spring.
    Placing base slab concrete for new metering vault. East House superstructure demolished.
    Water Dept. is salvaging these 100-year-old valves.
    February 15, 2013
    Secant pile drilling is complete. Schnabel Foundation Company has broken down their drill rig and is beginning to demobilize equipment and material from the jobsite.
    Schnabel is completing the lower row of tie-backs on the Geddes Street side of the reservoir.
    C.O. Falter is excavating to grade, exposing and modifying existing piping out of the reservoir for the new disinfection process.
    C.O. Falter will begin placing steel and concrete for new structure foundations in coming weeks.
    Exposed 36” cast iron water pipe running out of the upper gate house and through the embankment of the reservoir. These pipes dutifully conveyed water to the City for nearly 120 years.
    January 31, 2013
    C.O. Falter has continued excavation for the lower row of tie-backs on the secant pile wall on the Stolp Avenue (north) end of the site. Schnabel is drilling the lower row of tie-backs.
    C.O. Falter has begun selective demolition of the Stolp Avenue Lower Gate Houses. The Syracuse Water Dept. is salvaging the hewn limestone masonry for repair at other Water Dept. buildings.
    Schnabel is nearly complete with the pile-drilling operation. Schnabel will begin demobilizing its drill rig in the next four weeks.
    C.O. Falter is taking delivery of 84” pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe (PCCP). This pipe is being staged along Geddes St. Each 20-foot length of pipe weighs 20 tons. The pipe will be installed this spring and summer and will be incorporated into the treatment process, providing inactivation of waterborne viruses that may be present in water delivered from the reservoir in accordance with new Federal drinking water regulations.
    Schnabel drilling the lower row
    of tie-backs on Stolp Ave.
    84” PCCP staged along Geddes St.
    January 3, 2013
    Despite cold and snowy conditions, work at Woodland Reservoir continues.
    Schnabel continues drilling secant piles on the east side of the site.
    Schnabel began drilling tie-backs this week on the north end of the site. The tie-backs and walers will provide support to the wall and the retained earth behind it during the upcoming deep excavations planned.
    C.O. Falter completed Conduit 1 interconnections of new pipe. This completes the bypass of Conduit 1 around the Stolp Ave Lower Gate House.
    Tie-back machine drilling a tie-back
    through a lag pile.
    Pile rig advancing the casing for another pile.
    This pile wall system will support the dam
    during deep excavation work planned for later
    in the winter 2013.
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