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  •   The Syracuse Urban Renewal Agency (SURA) is a public benefit corporation formed to facilitate the sale and rehabilitation of underutilized and/or tax delinquent land and buildings in the SURA area. The SURA area includes the Syracuse neighborhoods of Washington Square, Northside, Lincoln Hill, Near Eastside, Hawley Green, Prospect Hill, Park Ave, Near Westside, Skunk City, Southwest, Southside, Brighton and part of Elmwood (see map below).

    SURA’s mission is to acquire and dispose of properties in a fashion that is consistent with the identified needs of the neighborhood residents for better housing, commercial services, recreational facilities, employment opportunities, and, when appropriate, demolition of properties that in their current form discourage investment and advance the further deterioration of neighborhoods.
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    All applications for seizable property are processed by the City of Syracuse.
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