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    "Whether you've built many projects in Syracuse, or you're starting your first, we encourage you to contact us early and often."
      - Ben Walsh
        Deputy Commissioner
        of Neighborhood and
        Business Development

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    Development in Syracuse

    For large or complex development projects, please contact us for a Pre-Development Meeting. City staff can be helpful even if your dream for a new facility only exists as an idea and an address. The City conducts regular Pre-Development Meetings to allow businesspersons and their consultants to have preliminary discussion about the project with a wide panel of City staff. This meeting will be held at your convenience to identify various zoning, traffic or water/sewer requirements in the area of the city where you plan to expand or build. That gives you and your architect or contractor an upfront understanding of what’s required before you spend funds on architectural or construction drawings.

    City participants in these meetings include all appropriate City staff for a particular project such as: Permits, Zoning, Fire, Economic Development, Engineering, Traffic, Sewer and Water. Anyone may call the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development to schedule a Pre-Development Meeting, at 448-8113.

    The Department of Neighborhood and Business Development will designate a Case Manager to facilitate the entire process. This staffer is your point of contact to navigate through the planning, permit and construction process.

    The City stands ready to assist you every step of the way.