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  • 2020 Yard Waste, Construction Debris and Leaf Pickup Schedule 
    Quadrant Pickup Schedule for Yard Waste Department of Public Works Postpones April Yard Waste and Construction Debris Collection (read more)

    The City of Syracuse offers curbside pickup of yard waste and construction debris. Please help us ensure prompt pickup by following these guidelines.
    Download the City Services Guide by Clicking Here
    In the NORTHWEST quadrant,
    yard waste and construction debris should be set out between the
    sidewalk and the curb, not in the street, no earlier than Saturday morning
    and no later than Sunday evening on the weekends listed below ONLY.
    Pick-up will be during the weeks that follow. 
    April 25-26
    May 23-24
    June 20-21
    July 25-26
    August 22-23
    September 19-20
    October 24-25
    Nov 21-22 (leaves only)
    Dec 19-20 (leaves only)
     Jan 25-26 (trees only)
     Northwest Quadrant 4
    Yard waste includes BRUSH and BRANCHES. NO PLASTIC BAGS.
    LEAF PICKUP BEGINS IN NOVEMBER, as weather permits.
    SEPARATE yard waste from construction debris, household trash, and recyclables.
    Set yard waste neatly between the sidewalk and curb, not in the street. Piles must not block fire hydrants, touch poles, bushes, or sewer vents.
    DO NOT place yard waste or construction debris in plastic bags, boxes or cans.
    You must call and advise City Line 448-CITY (315-448-2489) or online at one week in advance for construction and demolition debris set outs only.
    During the season, you are allowed no more than two (2) cubic yards each pick-up (about the size of a washer and dryer set side by side).
    Contractors must arrange for the proper and legal disposal of construction debris generated during construction. The City will not pick up debris or yard waste generated by a contractor.
    Failure to comply with the above rules may result in a citation being issued by the City of Syracuse.

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