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  • Department of
    Neighborhood and Business Development
    Paul Driscoll, Commissioner

    NBD Introduction Photos 
    Stephanie Pasquale, Deputy Commissioner
    Division of Neighborhood Development

      City Hall Commons, 6th Floor
      201 E. Washington St. – Syracuse, NY 13202
      Phone (315) 448-8100 – Fax (315) 448-8036

    Ben Walsh, Deputy Commissioner
    Division of Business Development

      Washington Station
      333 W. Washington St., Ste 130 – Syracuse, NY 13202
      Phone (315) 473-3275 – Fax (315) 435-3669


  • This department represents the merging of the former departments of Community Development and Economic Development. This new arrangement will ensure revitalization efforts that target the commercial corridors and business districts are aligned with the vision for the neighborhoods that surround them.
  • CAPER for Program Year 39
    The Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) for Year 39 is now available to view online. This report is produced annually by the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development, and highlights the efforts and accomplishments of NBD funded agencies in meeting the goals and needs of the Syracuse community (as outlined in the Five Year Consolidated Plan 2010–2014).
    A public meeting for the CAPER is scheduled for July 23, 2014 from 5:30-7:30pm in the Atrium at City Hall Commons. This meeting is a part of the City’s Citizen Participation Plan and is an opportunity for the public to see how public funds were spent,  have the chance to ask questions about programming, and provide input on how funding should be allocated in the future. This year, each agency will have a  booth in the Atrium to display accomplishments and highlight program successes. The public will be allowed to informally peruse and converse with agency and City staff as well as provide important feedback about programming to be included in the final CAPER report.

     Common Council Passes Year 40 Budgets

     DRAFT Year 40 Action Plan

    CDBG Yr 40
    The Program Year 40 (2014-2015) applications for CBDO and CHDO Certification are available through the links below. Please be advised the City of Syracuse complies with 31 CFR Part 51 and does not discriminate in access to facilities, programs, services or activities on the basis of race, color, sex, creed, marital status, national origin or disability.  
    > Yr 40 CBDO Certification Application
    > Yr 40 HOME CHDO Certification Application

    Proposed Substantial Amendment
    Fourth Annual Action Plan
    Program Year 39 (2013-2014)

    CAPER for Program Year 38
    Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report (CAPER) for Program Year 38 (2012-2013)