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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Information Technology - Vendor Questions

    How can a vendor get on the Computer/IT bid list?
    Call the Purchasing Department at 315-448-8444 and they will accommodate you.

    Information Technology - Citizen Questions

    Where does the City have wireless / WiFi connectivity?
    The City has wireless / WiFi for public use at the Airport, Clinton Square, Hanover Square, City Hall Commons Atrium, and various spots within City Hall.
    The Central Library in the Galleries and other library branches in Syracuse also have wireless internet available. For a list of City Branch Libraries, please click here.  

    Information Technology - Employee Questions

    What computer terms should I know?
    Ethernet is the type of cable used to connect computers into a LAN. LAN is a local area network typically ethernet wiring within a single building. WAN is a wide area network - it connects multiple LANs together. MAN is Metropolitan Area Network connects multiple companies / agencies WANs together. MetroNet is the name of the project to create a MAN for the Syracuse area’s non-profit agencies. TCP/IP is Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol which is the communications language of the Internet.

    What software is supported by IT?
    Windows 10 and & Windows 7 operating systems are supported, but not Unix, Linux, Mac, etc. For applications - the Office 2007 and 2010 Professional suites are supported, and NOT Corel Word Perfect, Open Office, Star Office, etc. For AS/400 connectivity, IBM’s Client Access program since we have a site license and Rumba 5250 or Mochasoft 5250 where needed.

    What programs are in the Office Professional suite?
    Word for word processing. Excel for spreadsheets. Access for databases. Outlook for email, calendars, contact information, and tasks for simple to do lists. Powerpoint for presentation graphics.

    What is the City’s Acceptable Use Policy for Internet use?
    Internet use is one of many areas covered by a written policy that is distributed to everyone. If you need a copy, internally access  http://Sharepoint/Personnel

    What password policy is there?
    The City-Domain requires a strong password (which must have a character from upper case, lower case, and numbers or special characters).

    How can I know who has email and what their address is?
    With mail at, if a person is listed in the global address book in Outlook, then they more than likely have a mailbox. However, do NOT assume that because they have a mailbox, that they access it regularly.

    Can I check my email from home? If so, how?
    Yes you can. Users should go to: .  At the “Enter Network Password” prompt or sign on screen,
    enter the following: User Name: City-Domain\UserID 
    and Password: (which is case sensitive)

    Can / does IS read people’s email?
    Yes / No!

    Who do I call for help?
    For all help, call the main number 448-8250, and you will be directed to the appropriate person.  You should always get someone at this number during business hours because other staff will pickup on it since it is the help desk.

    How to get my email at someone else's PC
    Using Internet Explorer (IE). See the instructions above for checking email from home.

    Is my data backed up and how often?
    If your data is on a network drive (H or S), then it is backed up every weeknight onto tape. If data is on your hard drive (C) (NOTE: This is NOT recommended), then it is your responsibilty to back it up.

    Is there is size limit to an individual e-mail?
    Yes, the system-wide default is 50 MB. However, where necessary, we can override for an individual. Note: that the size is determined by the total size of the email, including attachments.

    How can I get my docs on H or S drive at home?
    Have a Department Head or Director authorize your request in writing to IS. Call the Help Desk at 448-8250 and IS will email you the VPN documentation. After establishing a VPN connection, then you must logon to the terminal server as stated in the documentation.

    What are some user responsibilities?
    Users are responsible for their own supplies and training. And they are responsible for getting their own support for non-standard software.  Remember that only the network drives (H and S) are backed up by IS every night.

    What is the URL of the GIS web site?
    The City's main web site has links at several different places, but in the event that it is down you may go there directly at

    Why are .zip email attachment files being dropped by the firewall?
    A common way for viruses to get into a network is as a email file attachment with a .zip extension. Therefore we purposely drop those types of files (along with .exe . bat and .com). Contact the sender and have them re-send it in it's original uncompressed (unzipped) format.


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