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  • Training 

    The Syracuse Fire Department Training Division is responsible for the following training and related programs for the Syracuse Fire Department. All training conducted meets or exceeds current state and federal requirements.

    Training of Recruit Firefighters
    Minimum Company Standards evaluations
    Officer Training
    Driver Training
    EMS Training
    Audio-Visual support
    Specification writing
    Research and Development
    Procurement and distribution of all tools and equipment and related repairs as required
    In-service Training Program
    Field Training Officer Program

    The training facility, located at 312 State Fair Boulevard, has a modern classroom for 20 firefighters, a five story training tower, separate smoke house, 2 story live fire house with temperature monitoring equipment, and a roof simulator for cutting holes. The large grounds can be used for many other fire exercises including driver training.

    The Training Division is also responsible for the inventory, inspection, and testing of all fire department SCBA's, hose, and portable extinguisher.




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