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      Comprehensive Plan 2025 Cover
    The City of Syracuse is soliciting comments to inform an update to its Comprehensive Plan. Written and adopted in 2005, it’s time to bring this vision up-to-date and address recent trends and challenges. In conjunction with the following new components to the plan — Sustainability, Land Use & Development, Historic Preservation, Public Art, and Bicycle Infrastructure — the plan itself will be updated. The Comprehensive Plan should reflect the community’s vision for its future and outline policies for the City to pursue through regulations, operations, and its budget to achieve that vision.
    Please review the Comprehensive Plan adopted by Common Council in 2005 and provide feedback on changes and additions by the end of August 2012 to
    The Syracuse Comprehensive Plan 2025 consists of the following three pieces:
    Syracuse Comprehensive Plan 2025  
    Appendix A
    Appendix B

    The City of Syracuse prepared its first and only comprehensive plan in 1919. Over the years, the City has relied on master plans prepared for specific areas of the City to provide direction for change.

    In 2001, it became obvious that the City needed to take a broad look at all of the issues affecting the community and to devise a plan to respond to the rapidly changing global and regional economy. A comprehensive view of the City was necessary; it was time to evaluate the City’s assets and trends and prepare a collective vision for the future of the City’s economy, community facilities, and services. As a basis for this vision, the City wanted a plan that identified current needs and values of residents, businesses, and institutions as well as an evaluation of its heritage and cultural background.