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  • City Clerk Licenses

    Marriage Licenses – (315) 448-8382
    $40.00 fee, payable by cash, money order or a check made out to the Office of the City Clerk.

    Press Release – New Marriage Requirements 7-20-2017

    To apply, both parties must appear at the Office of the City Clerk and present proof of age. A Driver's License, Birth Certificate, Passport or other such government issued document is acceptable.  If either or both parties are divorced or widowed, certified proof should be presented to the issuing clerk as to how each previous marriage ended.  Applicants under the age of 18 and over 16 must be present either with parents, or the parent with sole custody and proof of same, along with proper identification.  Application must be made at least 24 hours prior to the planned ceremony and is valid for 60 days.  No blood test is required and no appointment is necessary.

    The Office of the City Clerk will issue a certified copy of a marriage license to either the bride or groom, with proper identification, for a $10.00 fee. This can also be accomplished through the mail with the names of both parties as well as the month and year of the marriage.

    Records in the City Clerk's office begin in 1908 and only marriage licenses issued from this office are on file. In order to release information or copies of a marriage license to someone other than the bride and groom, a license must have been issued 50 years or more and both parties must be deceased. In other instances, a properly executed Power of Attorney or document signed by either bride or groom granting permission for the document to be released will be accepted.

    Dog Licenses – (315) 448-8384
    Unneutered / Unspayed Dogs - $20.00
    Spayed / Neutered Dogs - $10.00
    Replacement Tag fee - $5.00

    All dogs 4 months of age and older are required to be licensed by New York State and Syracuse City Ordinance. Application can be made at the Office of the City Clerk or by mail. New York State requires proof of the current rabies vaccination. If the dog is spayed or neutered, documentation must be presented for the reduced fee.

    The license is renewable each year. A renewal notice is sent to the owner from the Office of the City Clerk. The Dog Identification Tag, issued with the license, is permanent. If the tag is lost, a replacement can be ordered through the Office of the City Clerk.
    Click here for the Dog License Application. (for all new licenses) 
        1. Complete the fillable pdf and print it (or pick one up at the Office of the City Clerk) 
        2. Sign it 
        3. Either mail or hand-deliver to the Office of the City Clerk. Application must include: 
            a. check or money order 
            b. self-addressed stamped envelope 
            c. proof of current rabies vaccination 
            d. proof of spay/neuter (required for reduced fee)

    You can Renew Online if: 
        1. The dog’s current license has been expired for less than two years
        2. The rabies certification has not expired 
        3. You pay the renewal fee and a $1.75 online processing fee
    Click here to Renew Dog License Online.  
    Online dog licensing is available only for renewals meeting the above conditions. First time licenses and non-qualifying renewals must submit the application and documents listed above by mail or in person to the Office of the City Clerk.

    Sporting Licenses – The Office of the City Clerk is an issuing agent for the Department of Environmental Conservation.  The following fees are subject to change:

    Resident Fees                    
      Fishing License $25.00  
      1-Day Fishing $5.00  
      7-Day Fishing (consecutive days) $12.00  
      Senior (70+) $5.00  
      Military Disability $5.00  
      (must have proof of a 40% or greater military related disability) 
      Hunting License $22.00  
      Deer Management Permit $10.00  
      Bowhunting $15.00  
      Muzzleloading $15.00  
      Turkey $10.00  
      Fishing, Hunting, Bowhunting,
    Muzzleloading, Turkey and DMP

    Non-Resident Fees
      Season Fishing $70.00  
      1-Day Fishing $15.00  
      7-Day Fishing (consecutive days) $28.00  
      Hunting $100.00  
      Deer Management Permit $10.00  
      Bowhunting $30.00  
      Muzzleloading $30.00  
      Turkey $20.00