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  • Citizens Cabinet
    Mayor Stephanie A. Miner’s Citizens Cabinet is a vehicle for a consistent dialogue between the Mayor’s Office and community activists. The Cabinet will meet regularly with the Mayor and act as a vehicle for providing guidance and feedback throughout the year on all the City’s activities. The Cabinet incorporates neighbors from throughout the City to act as a think tank of sorts, a way to provide the much needed two-way communication between the Mayor’s office and the community-at-large.    Clean Up 'Cuse 220
    Clean up 'Cuse is an annual citywide spring cleanup led by
    members of the Mayor's Citizens Cabinet.
    Cabinet members lead  teams of volunteers sprucing up their
    neighborhoods and public spaces.
    For more information, please visit
    Minutes of Citizens Cabinet meetings:
      October 31, 2013
      July 18, 2013 
      April 18, 2013 
      January 17, 2013 
      October 18, 2012 
      July 19, 2012 
      April 12, 2012 
      January 12, 2012  
      October 13, 2011  
      July 14, 2011 
      April 14, 2011 
      January 13, 2011 
      October 14, 2010 
      July 8, 2010 

    Citizens Cabinet Members
        Alvenas Bell 
        Ann Marie Bergold
    Ann Marie came to Syracuse in 1966 attracted by its historic treasures and the geographic diversity of the surrounding area. She taught in the city schools for 32 years and has owned her home in Eastwood since 1984. Since retirement in 2002, she has been exploring ways to restore the resources in, and the appearance of our neighborhoods and the city as a whole. She has concluded that TNT offers that opportunity to all. Ann Marie applauds recent efforts to improve the face of our city and hopes that we can work together to make it even better.
        Betsy Burton
    Betsy has been a librarian at Onondaga County Public Library's Central Library since 1989 and though she has lived in several Syracuse neighborhoods, she lives in the County now. She represents the Library at the Downtown TNT meetings, attends FOCUS meetings and works at connecting Library resources with community events. In off work time, Betsy goes to the OHA, Everson, SU and other events.
        Tracey Corriders-Howard
    Tracey was born and raised in the city of Syracuse. She has four siblings – brothers Lawrence, Craig, and Calvin and one sister – Glen. She attended Syracuse City Schools before moving to San Diego, CA, where she studied Business Administration and received an Associate Degree. She has a lovely 5 year old daughter, Nevaeh Corriders-Howard and a supportive husband, Wayne Howard. She resides in the Strathmore section of Syracuse and works at Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility, Inc. as an Operations Manager. She enjoys and has been involved in TNT Area 3 for three years. She enjoys spending my spare time with family and friends, reading, gardening, and listening to music.
    Larry Corso
    Larry Corso is a proud veteran who resides in the City with his wife and enjoys spending time with his family, all of whom live either in Syracuse or the surrounding area. Larry is also a retired Teamster Local #317, and works part-time supervising security for Clinton Plaza, Townsend Towers and Harrison House. Larry is a member of the Past Times Athletic Club, the Polish Home and various veteran organizations. He has spent sixty years in the Maciejowa area of the City, and believes Syracuse is a vibrant, exciting and promising city.
        Dawn Daggett 
    Bernie Ellis
    Bernie is 71 years old, and retired from working in the juice industry in Florida in 2004. He chose to move back to his hometown of Syracuse, NY, where he is now a downtown resident. He enjoys his city, is active in the disabled community, and feels that we all need to stand up and do something positive for our city. Bernie loves to spend time on the creekwalk, and enjoying some of Syracuse’s interesting and historic buildings.
    Betsy Guilfoil
    Betsy lives on Tipperary Hill and is on the Board of the Tipp Hill Neighborhood Association, as well as a committee member for The Shamrock Run. She works at the American Cancer Society as the Director of Special Events. Betsy loves living in Syracuse and looks forward to contributing to the City through the Mayor’s Citizens Cabinet.
        Jesse Hurt
    Jesse resides on the south side of Syracuse, and has been a homeowner on Hope Ave for the past 18 years. He considers himself to be a community activist. He founded "Operation H.O.P.E." (Helping Other People Excel) in 2005, which is a community development organization designed to assist the elderly and lower income families in getting needed services.
        Julius Lawrence
    Julius has been a Syracuse resident for more than 40 years, and has lived on the Southside for 20+ years. He served as an original member on the CDAC board, and was a part of the TNT program in its infancy. Julius recently retired from P.E.A.C.E. Inc., where he was a program coordinator for Project Connection, but continues to be active in TNT and other neighborhood and community organizations today where he strives to "Help people in the community realize their potential to become self-sufficient."
    Judy Lewis
    Judy’s family has lived at 205 Rigi located in Eastwood for the past 46 years. She has been an active member of the Eastwood Neighborhood Association, chairing the Skate Park Research Committee since 2005. In 2011, she retired from the Syracuse Housing Authority, where she was the Director of the Information Technology Department. Judy’s goal is to work with the City to make Eastwood a neighborhood where young families sink roots and prosper.
        Marilyn Madison
    Marilyn is a fourth generation Syracuse Valley resident. She serves as a TNT 4 facilitator, is a member of MAPA (Meacham Area Parks Association) and three separate neighborhood watch groups. She is also a parishioner and active volunteer in two Valley area churches. Marilyn enjoys walking and biking throughout our fair city.
        Tom Moszak
    Tom has lived in the Valley section of the city (near Van Duyn School) for a total of 31 years and has been in Syracuse area since 1967. He coached Senior Babe Ruth baseball for approximately seven years and helped form the Van Duyn Neighborhood Watch Group in September of 2011. Tom graduated from SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry as a biologist, and worked in the food industry both at the retail level and wholesale level for 37 years. He enjoys the outdoors by walking, biking, fishing and hunting.
        Vincent Nicotra
    Vince is a native of the City of Syracuse. Vince returned to Syracuse after attending college at the University of Florida, and working on the east coast of Florida. He is a partner in QPK DESIGN, a downtown Syracuse architectural firm. He is president of the Lincoln Hill Neighborhood Association and has been active in neighborhood activities for over ten years. For leisure, he and his wife enjoy an evening out with friends in Armory Square or Little Italy and following Syracuse University sports.
        Lisa Robel
    Lisa Robel likes to think that three of her favorite things can be found on the Northside: her loved ones, their first home and the best wings in Syracuse. Lisa previously worked for the City of Fort Worth and a trio of television stations in Amarillo, Texas, before moving back to her state of birth. New to the city, but not to Central New York, Lisa has thrown herself into promoting the Northside, as well as all the exciting things Syracuse has to offer. Lisa is active with the Northside and Court-Woodlawn neighborhood groups and continues to look for new avenues to promote the renewal of Syracuse. Lisa is honored to be a selected representative for the Northside and committed to the renaissance of Syracuse.
        Brendan Rose
    Brendan Rose grew up in the Salt Springs neighborhood on the east side of Syracuse, and currently lives in the Westcott neighborhood. He has worked professionally across the disciplines of architecture, visual art, and construction. Brendan studied architecture at the University at Buffalo and Syracuse University, completing a master’s degree in 2010. Most recently, he served as the Syracuse Public Artist in Residence from 2011-2012, working to engage community in making the city a beautiful, healthy place to live.
        Gloria Sage
    Gloria has been a Syracuse resident for 45 years, making her home in the Outer Comstock neighborhood. She has been the longtime president of the Outer Comstock Neighborhood Association, a tree steward, and a member of the Eastside TNT, and she is a member of the Syracuse Friends of Chamber Music board of directors. Gloria is particularly interested in the environment, land use, and urban planning. Her favorite places in Syracuse include Comfort Tyler Park, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo, and the Everson Museum of Art.
    Jai Subedi
    Jai is a case manager at Interfaith Works center for new Americans. He is delighted to serve the next two years as a Citizens Cabinet member for the city of Syracuse. Jai is president of the Friends of the Butternut Community Police Center, the Vice president of the Bhutanese Community of Syracuse, and a member of the Police Chief's Advisory Committee. He regularly attends the Northside TNT and task force meetings to resolve issues for refugees and immigrants on the North Side. He is a new homeowner and is hoping to be a lifelong Northside resident. Jai is committed to making Syracuse a better place to live for every resident.
        Steve Susman
    Steve retired from the Westcott Community Center this past May after 12+ years. He moved to the Westcott neighborhood in 1974 from New York City where he was born & raised. He loves this neighborhood for its diversity, people involved with arts and cultural activities as well as its’ social consciousness and activism. He participates in TNT and is on the Board of the Westcott Area Cultural Coalition. In his role as Executive Director at the WCC, he has been involved with almost all of the other neighborhood organizations as well as the wealth of the diversity of the area. He particularly likes the ethnic dining in the Westcott neighborhood.