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  •   TNT Meetings at a Glance
    Area 1 - Downtown Meets five times a year on the third Wednesday at the Robert P. Kinchen Central Library, 447 South Salina St.
    Area 2 - Westside Meets the third Tuesday in the Library at Fowler High School, 227 Magnolia St. 
    Area 3 - Southside   Meets the first Monday at South Side Innovation Center, 2610 S. Salina St. 
    Area 4 - Valley   Meets the second Wednesday at the Bob Cecile Senior Center, 176 W. Seneca Turnpike.
    Area 5 - Eastside   Meets the second Tuesday at Nottingham High School, 3100 East Genesee Street. 
    Area 6 - Eastwood   Meets the fourth Monday at Huntington School, 400 Sunnycrest Road, cafeteria.
    Area 7 - Northside   Meets the fourth Wednesday at Grant Middle School, 2400 Grant Blvd. 
    Area 8 - Lakefront Meets the Third Monday. 

    Events are subject to change. Click on event for more details. Click here for a larger display and links to other area events calendars.
    TNT meetings are subject to change as necessary.
    For more information, or to be added to our email list,
    call TNT Coordinator Tina Zagyva at (315) 448-8178,
    or email
    Email List –
    We will send email meeting reminders, agendas, and news pertaining to each area to anyone who provides a working email address. Email addresses may be submitted to Please be sure to specify your neighborhood of interest.
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