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    Purchase seizable and City-owned property


    These forms are fillable on your computer with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader. You are encouraged to type in the light blue fields in the application, print, sign, and then submit.
      Purchase Offer and Property Purchase & Development Proposal
      "Lot Next Door" Purchase Proposal
    Lists of Seizable and City-owned LOTS,  BUILDINGS, and VACANT BUILDINGS ONLY available for bid
      If you are unable to view these lists in your browser, please download (right click, Save Link As) and view in Adobe Reader (Click here to download free Adobe Acrobat Reader).
    These lists are sorted first by neighborhood, then by street address.
    The neighborhood boundaries are shown on the map linked below.
      Properties with appraisals already completed – faster purchase process.
    Neighborhood Map
    Submit complete proposals to:
    Permit Consultation Office
    City Hall Commons, Room 102
    201 E. Washington Street
    Syracuse, NY 13202
    The City of Syracuse accepts applications to purchase and redevelop city-owned or tax foreclosable property from the City of Syracuse. Property Purchase & Development Proposals should indicate how your redevelopment project will benefit the surrounding neighborhood, describe in detail the final use of the property, and illustrate your capacity to rehabilitate the property. The Purchase Offer and Property Purchase & Development Proposal should be accompanied by the attachments described below. Development Proposals are reviewed by City planning staff and an interdepartmental review committee to ensure that plans will benefit the surrounding community and to consider proposals that may warrant a reduced purchase price.
    A list of seizable and city-owned properties is available on the City’s website. This list is sorted by neighborhood (a map is available on this website showing neighborhood boundaries and city streets), street name, and then street number. Select “Buy Tax Delinq. Property” from the “I want to” box on in the upper-right corner of the City’s homepage: Properties may also be purchased from the Syracuse Urban Renewal Agency. Properties owned by the agency can be viewed on their website:
    Required Submittals:
    (Note, the last three applications are not required for residential “Lot Next Door” applications.)
    Purchase Offer (Contract)
    Property Purchase & Development Proposal (supplemental information)
    Description of your redevelopment plan (if not included in the proposal form – more detailed description, site plans, drawings, etc. should be attached if available)
    Proof of financing for acquisition and rehab (or new construction or other actions necessary to carry out the development plan
    Description of applicant's experience in real estate development
      With questions regarding the application, contact:
      Permit Consultation Office
    City Hall Commons, Room 102
    201 E. Washington Street
    (315) 448-4715
      Questions and supplemental materials can be emailed to  

    NOTE: All sales and development proposals, for reduced price or appraised value, are subject to review by the property sales review committee and approval by Common Council.
     • Residential Vacant Lot Program (Lot Next Door)
      Residential vacant lots may be purchased by the adjoining property owner for the following prices:
    Buildable Lot, not in SURA Area Appraised Value
    Buildable Lot, in SURA Area (with frontage) $0.15/sq.ft.
    Non-buildable, anywhere (with frontage)
    Lots with no frontage (rear parcel) $0.12/sq.ft.
    Residential Vacant Lot – Not-for-Profit Development
      Allows not-for-profits to acquire vacant land at a reduced price to maintain and/or redevelop the property for an approved use—this program excludes the development of surface parking.
    Residential Lots with Street Frontage: $0.15/sq.ft.
    Lots with no frontage (rear parcel): $0.12/sq.ft.
    Rehab a Vacant Residential Structure – Affordable Housing Development
      Available for affordable housing development. Sale of vacant residential structure for $1.00 plus $150 title fee and cost of appraisal. Purchaser is required to provide deposit of the lesser amount of the appraised value or $10,000 at closing, which will be held in escrow until completion of rehabilitation, at which time the deposit will be refunded. A letter of credit may be substituted for a deposit.
    Demolition of a Vacant Building
      $1,000 + $150 title fee; purchaser intends to demolish or deconstruct a vacant structure. Must provide a performance bond or deposit until demo completion. Sale and post-demolition plan subject to review by the property sales committee and approval by Common Council.