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    Department of Neighborhood and Business Development (NBD)

    Stephanie A. Miner, Mayor 
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  • Purchase Property
    There are several ways you can purchase properties through the City of Syracuse. Some properties can be purchased directly from the City of Syracuse, and others can be seized for unpaid taxes and then purchased from the Greater Syracuse Land Bank. Either way, the Department of Neighborhood and Business Development (NBD) can help by determining whether a property is available, and how you can buy it. Call NBD at 315-448-8100.
    City-Owned Properties:  
    The City of Syracuse owns hundreds of properties, mostly vacant lots, many of which are available for purchase. You can view a  current listing of available city-owned vacant lots here.
    Buying a lot next door can be a great opportunity to gain space, privacy, and security on and around your property.  To learn more about the benefits and responsibilities associated with purchasing a lot, view the Neighborhood Redesign Brochure. The Department of Neighborhood and Business Development can provide technical assistance for those wishing to submit applications to purchase a lot-next-door, and you may even be eligible for assistance with site improvements. To learn more contact NBD at 448-8100.
    Once you have selected a parcel you wish to buy, and NBD staff has determined it is available for sale; you can apply to purchase it by downloading and filling out the property purchase application. Return your completed application and deposit to the address below:
    Central Permit Office
    City Hall Commons, Room 102
    201 E. Washington Street
    Syracuse, NY 13202
    Your application should describe in detail the final use of the property, illustrate your capacity to maintain the property, and indicate how your redevelopment project will benefit the surrounding neighborhood. Please include all required attachments; incomplete applications will not be accepted. Development proposals are reviewed and approved or denied by an interdepartmental review committee, and then also voted on by the Common CouncilApplicants will be informed within four weeks of a complete application as to whether the City has approved a purchase offer for a City-owned property. Once you have purchased a property from the City of Syracuse, you will be responsible for obtaining any permits and approvals for site work and construction on the parcel. Contact the Central Permit Office to learn more at 315-448-4715. 
    Residential vacant lots may be purchased by the adjoining property owner for the following pre-determined price:
    Buildable lot, not in SURA area (with frontage)

    Appraised Value

    Buildable Lot, In SURA Area (with frontage)


    Non-buildable, anywhere (with frontage)

    Lots with no frontage (rear parcel)



    Residential Vacant Lot                                           $175 

    Single Family House                                              $225 

    Two Family House                                                 $275 

    Three Family House                                               $325 

    Commercial Vacant Lot                                          TBD 

    Multiple Unit & Mixed Use Buildings                        TBD 

    Commercial/Industrial Building                               TBD 

     Tax Foreclosure Properties:    

    Properties seized by the City of Syracuse for non-payment of taxes are available for purchase through the Greater Syracuse Land Bank (GSPDC). This process is separate and different from the sale of City-owned parcels described above. You can view property listings, asking prices, and photos on the Land Bank’s website by visiting and clicking on the “properties” tab.   

    A tax-foreclosure takes approximately six months if the taxes remain unpaid. If you are interested in purchasing a tax delinquent property through the Land Bank, please call the Land Bank at (315) 422-2301 or email to express interest and for instructions and information on how to apply to purchase the property.  

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