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  • Before You Build

    All building projects, from the simplest projects on your own property to a multi-building commercial renovation, require two sets of reviews: the Zoning Review  and the Building Codes Review .

    The Zoning Review ensures that your project meets specific criteria for design and use that were developed to protect the quality of residential, commercial and other types of property. Every property in the City of Syracuse has a specific zoning designation, so the first step is to determine if the project you want to build is allowed within that specific zoning district.

    The Building Codes Review ensures that your project will be constructed safely and in compliance with all regulations for fire prevention, public health and safety, and environmental impact. Construction documents and plans must be submitted to the City’s Permit Office for review; depending on the complexity of the project, plans may also be routed to the Zoning, Fire, DPW, Engineering, and Water Departments for review.

    Small Projects “How To” 
    (examples: Fence , Sign, Deck, Pool & Hot Tub, and Addition )

    Larger Development Projects  – See Development Process

    For more information contact
    the Office of Zoning Administration  at (315) 448-8640 or 
    or the Permit Office  at (315) 448-8600 or .

    Know Your Contractor

    The Office of the Attorney General provides New Yorkers the tools they need to make informed decisions when it comes to hiring a home improvement contractor. You can search to see which contractors have been subject to legal action, and which contractors have had substantiated consumer complaints filed against them. Additionally, you can access helpful tips that will assist in selecting a reputable contractor, and links to state and county agencies which offer consumer assistance and the ability to check the status of a contractor’s license. Visit

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