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  • A Map of Southside Syracuse New York

    TNT Planning Area 3 -

    Each person is needed and valued. Our community is safe, our children are educated, and we thrive economically. We live, work and play in a community that takes pride in our diversity and unity.

    Area 3, the Southside, is comprised of four unique residential neighborhoods: Southwest, Brighton, Strathmore, and Elmwood. The Southside is home to three of Syracuse’s most spacious parks. Onondaga Park which includes Hiawatha Lake, Kirk Park and Elmwood Park are all favorite recreation spots for neighborhood residents. Kirk Park is home to the Youth Enrichment Outreach Project and the Pop Warner Kirk Park Colts.

    Southside Neighborhoods


    The Strathmore Neighborhood is located in the Southwest section of the City. It is primarily a residential neighborhood of single-family homes with unique styles of architecture. The Strathmore area has many mid-20th century residential houses and sensible streets lined with magnificent trees, including the Robineau Residence and the Robineau Studio, both listed on the National Register. The Summit Avenue area also contains several grand late 19th and early 20th century brick and stucco dwellings.

    Onondaga Park, a Local Protected Site, is also located in Strathmore. One of the most beautiful of all Syracuse Parks, Onondaga Park contains Hiawatha Lake, historic bathhouse, swimming pool, and picnic pavilions. The Onondaga Park Association that is comprised of an active group of residents whose homes surround the Park area concentrate their efforts toward historic restoration of the park and are attempting to obtain resources to develop a botanical garden in Lower Onondaga Park. The City’s Woodland Reservoir is also located in this neighborhood and provides a wonderful greenspace for recreation such as walking and jogging. Wadsworth Park, home to the Southside American Little League, leads into the Winkworth section of Strathmore.

    The Winkworth area is home to the nationally renowned Bellevue Country Club that boasts one of the finest golf courses in the New York State.


    Similarly to the Near Westside Neighborhood, the Southwest Neighborhood once contained some of the most elegant and attractive residences in Syracuse along West Onondaga Street. These were Greek Revival Mansions and Queen Anne homes for many former prominent figures of the area. Recently, the neighborhood has experienced significant civic, governmental, and non-profit activity. Jubilee Homes is a nonprofit housing agency building new homes in the Southwest Neighborhood.

    Lower Onondaga Park is adjacent to this neighborhood. Jubilee Park, reclaimed and repaired by residents of Jubilee Homes, is the site of summer music festivals and play areas for children. Roesler Park has space for Little League, and Wilson Park lies within this neighborhood. Citizens United to Rebuild Neighborhoods (CURN) has reclaimed several vacant lots to develop Kwanzaa park, a vegetable garden, picnic area, play area, and art wall. Citizens for a Crime-free Community (CCC) has reclaimed a two-lot area for a vegetable garden, and Coyne Park has been developed and maintained by Coyne Textiles.
    Onondaga Lake Park


    The Brighton neighborhood, located on the City’s south side, is predominantly residential with several commercial strips along major thoroughfares.

    The South Salina Street National Register District aligns this street from West Kennedy Avenue to West Borden Street. A local not-forprofit has been working to stabilize this residential corridor which includes rehabilitation of three notable properties as one enters this district, and new construction of one residence which blends beautifully with its surrounding historic original properties. The Gothic Cottage, located at 1631 South Salina Street is next on the list as a State Environmental Protection Fund Grant was awarded for partial rehabilitation of the property.

    Kirk Park is the primary greenspace in Brighton, and is home to the Kirk Park Colts, a sports, tutoring, and cheerleading organization run by volunteers and parents. Kirk Park also includes a swimming pool, roller skating area, tennis courts, and baseball diamonds.

    Parkway Drive Neighbors are creating a meditation flower garden as a pocket park at the end of their block. The Newell Street Community Garden has been developed over the last four years, and includes a large gardening site, programs for youth and adults, a tool sharing and tool-teaching program, and a summer youth farm stand.


    The Elmwood neighborhood is a geographically small section of the City that is dominated by one and two-family homes and a well-hidden City park. Elmwood Park is a relatively unknown City park. Hosting a fishing brook and pond, it has original WPA stonework along its stairways and pathways. The park also contains the former Elmwood Fish and Game Club. Elmwood Park, considered eligible for listing on the National Register, incorporates natural beauty with rustic stonework created during the New Deal era by work relief crews. Among significant structures in this neighborhood, is the Old Furnace Brook Mill located on Glenwood Avenue.
    Elmwood Park
    Martin Luther King Junior Magnet School
    Onondaga Creek looking north from
Ballantyne Road.
    Onondaga Creek looking north from Ballantyne Road.
    about_South Side Garden dedication 5-26-05
    Community gardens have been established throughout the area by neighborhood groups.
    Elmwood Park is a classroom for local students.
    Elmwood Park is a classroom for local students.
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