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    Date: July 30, 2012
    Contact: Alexander Marion
      Syracuse Bath Salts Ban Makes Sale and Possession a Misdemeanor
      SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner announced she will be signing the ordinance passed by unanimous vote today banning the sale and possession of synthetic drugs. This legislation comes a week following a joint raid by Syracuse police and federal agents on several local tobacco shops suspected of selling bath salts. The legislation makes the sale and possession of bath salts a misdemeanor within the City of Syracuse, punishable by up a fine of up to one thousand dollars or one year imprisonment.
      Syracuse Mayor Stephanie A. Miner, a strong advocate of crime prevention and a drug free community, reacted to this news by showing her support for this effort. Mayor Miner’s full statement on the passage of this legislation appears below:
    I was pleased to learn the Syracuse Common Council today passed a ban on the sale and ban of the synthetic drugs known as “bath salts.” While this is only a first step, this new ordinance will be a crucial tool for law enforcement. I am proud to have Syracuse join the growing list of municipalities which have banned these destructive substances and I urge our state legislature to follow our lead, take decisive action, and do the same.